Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hey, its Jonathan.
To rebel is human nature and last night I learned my lesson. 
I was sitting at TenOak and Tim began telling myself and Kathryn, my girlfriend, about this deathly hot-sauce that the bar uses for different drinks. It's called 357 Mad Dog. I love spicy food so I wanted to check it out. The bartender gave me the bottle of 357 Mad Dog and with warning upon warning from Tim and the bartender, as well as a number of disclaimers on the bottle itself, I insisted on trying the sauce. 

I had no more than the lick of a toothpick and I must tell you, DO NOT TRY 357 MAD DOG HOT SAUCE! My eyes watered immediately, my throat was burning, and it felt like my ears were literally on fire deep inside my head. It was excruciating. I was in the bathroom within 30 seconds of trying the sauce. When I came out Kathryn had touched the sauce and rubbed her eye, she was done for and Tim was crying like a little baby just watching the two of us in pain. 
It took hours for the pain to go away. Even as I was laying in bed it felt like my face had just been sunburned from hours in the sun. It was awful. I've had a lot of spicy foods and I've eaten quite a few peppers in my day, but nothing even comes close to 357. 
So, the lesson learned from this experience is to take heed of the warnings from the people who know better. Listen to your friends, they might actually be looking out for you.
What’s the craziest hot sauce you’ve ever had?

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